How It Works

Our Mission

To be the most reliable and affordable one-stop information source that guides you directly to your target market.

Why would a company need to use confacts?

As is the case of just about every industry – construction jobs are often very competitive.  By being on top of the construction industry – by viewing building permits as they are issued – you stay one step ahead of your competition.

ConFacts has been focused on local construction activity throughout the Lower Mainland, from Whistler to Chilliwack since 1994.  Each and every issued building permit represents a lead – a company or individual that is looking for products or services to facilitate the construction project.  A lead that is ready for your services.  Either they buy from you – or they buy from someone else.  Membership with ConFacts will give you hundreds of construction leads to work with each and every week.  By researching and providing up to date accurate data, we deliver building permit information for a fraction of the cost that it would take for you to go out and locate the information yourself.

How are the building permits collected?

Our field reporters gather the permit information on a weekly basis. The information is then researched and compiled in a format that is easy to read and use.  Our staff spend countless hours looking for further contact information that is not included in the building permits, in order to provide the tools for you to make those contacts.

How are the building permits presented?

The permits are compiled weekly in an EXCEL format for viewing and for ease of use in a database and for copy/pasting. The permits are also available in a PDF format for ease of printing. Archived issues covering a 12 month period are available free with all subscriptions (in PDF). Archives beyond the free 12 months are available as an add-on to your subscription in both formats.

How are the building permits accessed?

Once you become a member, you are issued a Username and Password which you can use from any computer – at your convenience – 24/7. We will send out an email notification once the permits have been updated for the week, usually over the weekend – fresh by Monday Morning!

How can we sign up?

You can become a member directly online either by Credit Card, PayPal or by e-transfer to
Once we receive payment notification we will send your access codes to the email you supply. Memberships can be monthly, 6 month term or 12 month term.

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Every Permit to Build or Renovate means NEW BUSINESS FOR YOU!